Winter decor || How to decorate your home after the holidays


Happy 2020, friends!

And just like that another year & holiday season has come & gone! If you’re anything like me, I am NEVER ready for our Christmas decorations to come down. Yes, I crave the simplicity & fresh slate going into the new year but, it’s always just a little sad to bring it all down. The house almost feels empty & naked. So, this year I thought it would be fun to give you a few tips on how to transition your home from Christmas to winter & how to make your home feel warm & cozy after the holidays.


  1. Neutrals | Lots of greenary & warm wood tones | Candles


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I always start with a clean slate for each space. I bring all the Christmas decor down and give everything a good clean! With our entryway I was craving simplicity, so I went heavy with greenary | eucalyptus stems are always my FAV for decorating year round | and then I sprinkled in some pinecones for that wintery vibe.

2.  Faux fur & cable knit throw pillows | Pom pom blankets


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Let me just tell you, nothing says cozy more than a couch full of faux fur pillows…trust me! Toss in some throw blankets and you are set for a day in filled with couch cuddles and binging your favorite show!

3.  Pinecones| Birchwood candles | Wood slice chargers


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Anything that gives you that natural, warm, rustic, winter feel! Pinecones are my go to when decorating for winter! I sprinkle them everywhere, all through out the house! They were the perfect little touch for my winter tablescape!

4. Winter prints


In my opinion this is one of the easiest ways to decorate for any season! Printing and framing pictures is too easy and it completely transforms a space!

Hope you enjoyed this & found a few tips that you can incorporate into your own winter decor! I’ll just be snuggling up under all the faux pillows and pom pom blankets until it’s time for a Valentine’s bar cart!

Paige Perry


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