Entryway Decorating Ideas

What’s the first place your guests see when they walk in your house? I feel like your entryway definitely sets the mood for rest of your home. My main goal for our entryway was to provide a sense of comfort and welcomeness. I wanted to keep things very simple & airy. Now, my goal may be different than yours, you might need a space that provides some extra storage or a place for the kiddos to sit and get their shoes on in the morning…and that’s okay! I’ve come up with a few ideas that can make any entryway your favorite space in your home.


First things first, decide what your goal is and how you need your entryway to function for you. Once you have your priorities in check, decide the overall style or “vibe” you want this area to have. Keep in mind that each piece moving forward should reflect that style.

Now that you’ve got all the hard stuff out of way, let’s get to the fun part…the decorating!


Whether that’s a console table or maybe a bench with some extra storage, this is where you want to start & then work around this piece of furniture. Our entry wall isn’t very wide, but it’s very longgg so I was able to incorporate a console table and a chair for extra seating.


Console tables


I love the idea of incorporating a mirror in an entryway! Mirrors are great for opening a space up and making the room feel bigger. Mirrors also serve as a blank canvas to decorate! I always decorate my entryway mirror with some sort of seasonal wreath!



Is it just me, or is there nothing more inviting than candles burning or lanterns lit with a soft glow to it?! In our entryway I try to add lighting wherever I can…whether that’s candles in our hanging lanterns, candlesticks, or even a simple little table lamp.



Although this is one of my favorite spaces in our home, it also at times can be the messiest! An entryway usually gets a lot of foot traffic, so get a rug that makes it a little bit easier to maintain!



Now this be can anything, wreaths, florals, eucalyptus stems, snake plant, fig tree! The possibilities are endless here! Anywhere or space that you feel is lacking something, you can never go wrong with adding some greenery! Eucalyptus stems are my go to! But you can use whatever works for you!


If I’ve learned anything since owning/decorating a house, its that’s decorating a home is a process. Its trial and error. You are going to get so much right, but you’re also going to get some things wrong in the process…and that’s okay. Take your time. Sometimes your dream space doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself, enjoy it, enjoy the process and don’t be afraid to play around with different ideas. Decorate with things that you love and just try to keep things simple…before you know it you’ll have the entryway of your dreams!

Till next time, friends!

Paige Perry

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