Master bedroom MAKEOVER


Welcome back, come on in and get cozy!

A few months ago I gave our master bedroom a much needed little refresh, & I have been so excited to share this post with ya’ll!  I have to admit, of all our house projects…this has been my favorite to date!

This was the first room of the house that I decorated without having a specific “theme” in the back of my head. Whether that be farmhouse, modern, boho…it didn’t matter! I just picked pieces and things that made this space cozy, after all…isn’t that all you really want in your master bedroom, for it to feel like your own personal cozy retreat?!



Originally, I picked these 3 frames above our bed because I wanted something interchangable. I wanted to be able to switch out the prints with the seasons! But ever since I put these up I haven’t wanted to switch them out! I’ve always been a sucker for quotes and peonies LOL so these might be here to stay!


Who doesn’t love a cozy corner?! You can find me here just about every Saturday morning snuggled up with my coffee! It might be my favorite corner in our home! I also wanted a designated place for some of our vacation pics & I absolutely fell in love with these floating frames!


Of course I can’t forget my favorite part of this room….the CURTAINS! Yes, they’re pink. Yes, they’re velvet & yes, you need these in your life! If it was up to me we would seriously have these in every room of the house!

Let’s just say I ordered these, ripped the tags off as soon as I got them through the door and hung them up as quick as possible before my husband could say no to the pink! LOL Honestly, he’s just happy that they are blackout so it’s a win, win!


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