Christmas Tree Decorating 101


You know what that means?! It time for all things Christmas! Christmas movies, music, lights, decorations & most important Christmas TREES! Now I know some of you have had your trees up and decorated for w e e k s now but for those of you like me that are a little late to the game I thought it would be fun to do a little tree decorating 101. For that past few years I have always decorated our trees the exact same way. Lights and ornaments. That’s it. Our trees always ended up being pretty & I love them every year, but this year I was ready for a change. I had so much fun decorating our tree this year that I thought it would fun to do a post all about it…so join me as I go through some simple & easy steps of how to take your tree to the next level!

  1. Pick your tree.

When it comes to picking a tree you have to first decide if you are team real tree or team fake? Honestly, I feel like in the world of real trees vs. fake I am slowly loosing the battle over here on team real tree! But I don’t care…there is something that I absolutely love about walking through the rows of trees & finding your “perfect” tree, every year, different from the last. It’s just a special memory for me & I’m not ready to give that up yet!

So, once you pick a side…it’s time for you to pick your tree!


Let the F U N to begin…

      2. Decide a theme.

Okay, now I know for some that is going to sound so funny. A theme?! For a Christmas tree?! But trust me, it’s a thing. I have never been one to go for the traditional Christmas reds and greens. So, for the past few years I would just pick out ornaments that I thought were pretty (and in my case they just happened to always be pink) and slap them all over our tree. My poor husband had to deal with a tree covered in hot pink ornaments for like 3 years LOL But this year I decided it was time for something different.

I decided to go neutral. I wanted a tree covered in all things burlap & neutral goodness.

 3. Lights, lights & more lights.


I’m not going to lie. This is always the HARDEST part for me every single year. There is a fine line between having not enough lights on your tree & your tree looking like it’s on fire because of all the lights. And every year I somehow manage to miss that very fine line & end up with the tree that looks like it’s on fire LOL I even get rid of a couple strands at the end of every year so that way the following year I will be forced to to use less & even that doesn’t work!

So for those of you out there that struggle with knowing too little or too much, I say when in doubt just add another string! Just think, you probably won’t have to run your heater much when it’s cold because all the lights from your tree will keep you warm!

4.  Ribbon


So this was a first this year for me. I have never done anything on our tree except lights and ornaments but I had some leftover ribbon laying around the house so I figured I would give it a try. I was also secretly trying to find something that would cover up some of the lights I put on the tree, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt!


I started from the top and just worked my way down, weaving it in the branches to give it a natural flowing look and doing my best to keep the spaces between each “row” even.

      5. Filler

This can essentially be anything you want it to be. Fillers are just meant to fill some gaps that your tree might have and to give your tree some dimension. I knew that this year sticking to a more neutral theme I wanted to incorporate some more natural elements & what better way to do that then to throw in some pine cones & cotton?!


I’m OBSESSED. They are my favorite part of our tree!


Now that the fillers were done it was finally time to start putting some ornaments on the tree…

  6. Ornaments

I chose to keep things very, very simple this year and went with gold & silver ornaments. To some that might sound strange because honestly for the longest time I never thought you could mix the two but I love how it turned out.


These ornaments were actually used in our centerpieces at our wedding so it’s definitely special being able to incorporate them into our tree.


When it comes to putting the ornaments on the tree I always start with the biggest ornaments and work my way down to the smallest, using the small ones to fill in any obvious blank spaces.


And what’s a tree without some Mr. & Mrs. ornaments on it?! I absolutely love my bride & groom ornaments! I always find a special place for them on our tree every year!


Once I was finished getting all the ornaments on the tree, I stepped by to admire my work & was honestly slightly underwhelmed. I was in love with how everything turned out but there was just something missing.

That last final touch

     7.  BOWS

Mini burlap bows for the win! They were just the what the tree was missing…


Last but not least…

      8. Don’t forget a tree skirt & a topper!


I put the tree skirt around the tree last so there was less cleanup from the the pine needles falling from all the lights & ornaments!


You’re done!

It’s time to sit back, curl up on the couch with hot chocolate, throw on some Christmas movies & admire all your hardwork!

Happy decorating & Merry Christmas!

Paige Perry

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  1. Now Aunt Cindi insists on icicles on her tree not really happy with the ones I have on this year but they will be gone next year…..

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