DIY Faux Pumpkin Centerpiece

It’s F A L L ya’ll…we’ll not exactly according to my calendar…or my thermostat but the grocery stores are busting out their pumpkin spice everything so that counts for something, right?! Well it might not “feel” like fall outside but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look like fall inside our home! Yes, I am one of those people who busts out every pumpkin I own once September 1st rolls around and this year was no different.

Although, this year my dining room was missing something. I’m not going to lie we have a rather small dining room table in our house so I always struggle with finding ways to decorate it without drowning out the entire table! Well, not this year! This year, this adorable little DIY Faux pumpkin centerpiece will be getting all the attention!

20170917_175307Want one for your table too?! Here’s how easy it is to make…


  • Faux Pumpkin-I picked mine up from Michael’s for 50%
  • Floral stems of your choice
  • Styrofoam block-optional
  • Hot glue gun-optional

Now that you have what you need here’s all you need to do

  1.  Cut the top off of the pumpkin…now carving pumpkins has become quite a tradition here at the Perry House & I have to admit, I have never got so much enjoyment cutting the top off of a pumpkin knowing there was no pumpkin guts waiting on the inside for me LOL score!


2.  Now here’s is that part where you have the option to hot glue the styrofoam block into the bottom of the pumpkin if you wish…I opted not to use the block & found that it was easier for me that way, but some may think the block is very helpful so play around with it and do whatever works for you!

3. Add your floral stems…now let me just tell you this is my FIRST time ever making any type of arrangement and now I know why. It’s HARD, well at least for me, I realized real quick that I will not be working in a floral shop anytime in my near future. It’s seriously an art…so props to all you out there that can just go to Michael’s and pick out florals and whip together a beautiful arrangement. Because I am NOT that person. Let me just tell you, I stood in the floral department of Michael’s with a confused and overwhelmed look on face LONGER than it took me to do this entire project! LOL So if I could give any advice of what worked for me I just started in the front and sort of worked my way back throwing in as much cotton & pine cones as possible…& for my first arrangement I’m pretty pleased…



4. Your done!

Now it’s time to sit back and admire your work! Have you ever seen a DIY with so few amount of steps?! It was that easy, and oh so worth it! You can buy arrangements like these for $40+ but why bother when you can personalize your own for less than $20! I was lucky enough to get all my supplies for 50% off!

5. Decorate around you pumpkin or let it shine all on it’s own!



Thanks for stopping by…a Fall Home Tour will coming soon so stay tuned!

Lots of love, Paige Perry



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