{ 9 } things every PATIO needs…

Hi Friends, we are just a few days away from May & here in Florida that means it’s basically already summertime (thank you Florida heat) & you know what that means?! It’s officially P A T I O season!!! Every couple of weeks/months my husband and I plan out our next couple of house projects & what part of our house we want to focus on next. For the longest time our back patio just kept getting put on the back burner. We always found other projects and things that were more of a priority. It wasn’t until recently we decided it was time for our back patio to get the much needed make over it so desperately, deserved. So, along the process I made list of the things that I think every back patio should have…enjoy!

  1.  Pops of C O L O R

You want to know the best part about patio decorating?! All those fun & bright colors finally have their very own space! I finally had an excuse to buy bright blues & hot pinks without feeling like I was channeling my inner 13 year old. That’s the thing about patio decor…there are no rules. The possibilities are endless. Now don’t get me wrong pops of color are great but don’t go too crazy and try to incorporate every color in the rainbow like I almost did. Let’s just say it was a good thing I brought my husband along to go patio shopping…there were definitely a few times where he had to real me back in!

  2.  Lanterns, Lanterns & more Lanterns! 


Okay, to say that my obsession for lanterns is out of control is a complete understatement! I’m pretty sure every room in our entire house has a least one lantern in it & now I’m taking the obsession outside! These little guys quickly become one of my favorite parts about our back patio. They are such a simple touch but they really make our columns pop! I just love them & they are solar powered so they automatically light up at night!

    3. F U N  Cart

Watering cans have never looked so CUTE!

I’minlove. I searched & searched for what felt like forever for the perfect piece to put between our 2 sets of french doors. I wanted something different. Sure, I could have put some sort of bench here, but we already have plenty of seating out here. I wanted something functional & of course cute. This cart is the perfect touch & exactly what I wanted and it didn’t break the bank either! Win, win! I’m still debating whether or not I want to paint it black to match all of our other patio furniture…but there’s just something I love about the raw, natural wood look of it. Also, I just can’t wait to decorate it for holidays & patio parties!!!

   4.  Porch Swing


I remember when we were looking at our house before we had closed on it, walking out onto the back patio & telling my husband what a perfect spot this would be for a porch swing one day. Since I was little I always wanted a porch with a swing! It’s the simple things. Well about 2+ years ago after we first moved in my husband surprised me with this guy. Since then it has a special place on our patio and it’s my favorite place to be out there.



So this little planter ladder was a last minute add to our patio. Even though I’ve never planted a single flower or plant in my entire life I came across this & just had to have it. I’ll let you know if these pretty little things are still alive a week from now..green thumbs crossed! LOL

6. G R I L L


I know this is going to sound so silly but for the l o n g e s t time I have been so against getting a grill. I know, I know it sounds so silly just typing it. Sure, I like grilled food my husband & I would grill all kinds of stuff on our little George Foreman and it was great, life was good. It wasn’t until recently that my husband & I decided it was time to give our back patio a much needed face lift that I finally gave into purchasing a grill, a real grill. Honestly, I could kick myself for fighting it for so long. I love this thing & I love all the time we are spending outside grilling and out on our new & improved patio!

 7. Greenery


I don’t know about you but I am just gaga for greenery lately! It’s crazy to think that a couple months ago our house had no greenery to be found! It wasn’t until our most recent trip to IKEA that I discovered how adorable plants could be. Greenery has a way of making a space warm & cozy. It really makes the any space feel like home. What I want more than anything is for our back porch to feel cozy & comfortable & all these pops of greenery definitely do the trick!

   8.  F i r e  P i t


Smores…need I say more.

9. L I G H T S


This is an old picture before our patio’s makeover but there is just something I love about this picture and these globe lights. If it was up to me I would have globe lights strung from every single room in our house. I love these things. Partly because I practically bought out Target’s globe light department for our wedding reception 2 years ago. It’s so cool to me to still be able to enjoy little pieces of our wedding, now on our back porch.

Hope you enjoyed! There are definitely things that I still want to do out here but until then I’m not going to stress about them…I’m just going to appreciate what we have & the transformation that we’ve made & enjoy the process!






Happy patio season, till next time!

Paige Perry

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