Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks…

Spring has S P R U N G here at the Perry house! Can’t believe this Monday officially marks the first day of Spring…and you know what that means?! It’s Spring cleaning time! Yay, everyone please contain your excitement! LOL So for this blog post I am diving into some behind the scenes tips & tricks for how to make spring cleaning a little bit easier & enjoyable.

I know sometimes it’s easy to think that everyone’s house is cleaner than yours, or prettier or nicer based strictly on what we see. Well, guess what, that couldn’t be more untrue. They are called our homes for a reason. We live in them. We function on a day to day basis in these places. We eat, we sleep, and guess what?! We make messes. Life happens, and that’s okay. We are human & our homes are meant to lived in. So…inevitably things get dirty, and dusty, and faded, and cluttered at times.

So here is some SPRING CLEANING 101 tips & tricks for how to spruce up your home this Spring!



  • Baseboards/Crown molding-Give your baseboards/crown molding a good cleaning or fresh coat of paint!
  • Change your air filter-in between changes don’t forget to dust your air vents!
  • Clean your tile grout-for the longest time I have wanted to paint our tile grout! I have recently noticed that every time I mop the grout just still looks “dirty” and dingy. Who knew all it needed was a good deep clean.

Here’s a before & after

Here’s what I used…

Click here to see where I got it!
  • Vacuum under Furniture-I try to vacuum the floor several times a week but I can’t tell you the last time I moved our couch or entertainment center to vacuum up all the dust & dirt under them!
  • Vacuum out your couch cushions-we recently bought a new sectional & we agreed to make it a “food free zone“. You would still be so surprised at all the stuff that still gets in between those cushions!


  • Dust all light fixtures & replace any burnt out light bulbs-I am so guilty of never replacing light bulbs. I just hate trying to find and buy the right kind!
  • Vacuum, flip & rotate your mattress-I don’t know about ya’ll but this time change has my sleep all of out wack! Hoping a nice clean & rotated mattress will help lol I’m desperate!
  • Dust those ceiling fans-I usually h a t e dusting ceiling fans because I just feel like all the dust goes on the bed & floor instead of on the swiffer. So, in addition to dusting the fan, I then have to clean the bed & floor. Well, not anymore!
    • Try using an old pillow case you have laying around to dust your fans! All the dust goes into the pillow case instead of all over your bedroom!
My handsome helper <3
  • Deep clean your carpet-I vacuum our carpets at least twice a week but I am the worst about deep cleaning them! Show your carpets some love this spring and give them a good deep clean!


  • Clean out & disinfect your fridge & freezer-We are all guilty of neglecting our fridge from time to time, at least I am!
    • Take everything out of the fridge, throw away anything empty or out of date and wipe everything down with Lysol or Clorox wipes! I can’t survive a day without those things! Now before you put everything back in the fridge…
  • Vacuum behind the refrigerator & refrigerator coils-perfect time to move the fridge while it’s empty!
  • Clean your oven-now I’m sure most people will just flip on the auto clean…but I wanted to do something a little more natural and not so harsh. All you need is baking soda & vinegar.
    • First take out the oven racks.
    • Next, make a baking soda paste. Put some baking soda in bowl & add water till you have a paste. Rub the paste on the inside of the oven.
    • Let that sit over night or for several hours. Take a damp rag and wipe out the paste.
    • I used a spray bottle filled with white vinegar. Spritz some vinegar in the oven and wipe clean! It’s a little bit of work, but oh so worth it!
  • Clean & disinfect your garbage disposal-We all love to use it…but never like to clean it, until now! All you need is some sliced lemons, ice & salt. Cleaning/disinfecting your disposal just got easy! The lemon disinfects while the ice & salt clean away the residue!


  • Disinfect your dishwasher-for those who are opposed to using bleach in there dishwasher you can use white vinegar & baking soda instead!
    • Sprinkle some baking soda on the floor of your dishwasher & then place some vinegar where you put your detergent.
    • Run a hot cycle with the dishwasher empty. I then run another short hot cycle just to be sure & voila it’s as easy at that!


  • Clean exhaust fan-These guys are seriously the catch all for all the lent and dust in our bathrooms! It just takes 2 seconds to dust them out from time to time but is so easy to forget!
  • Clean shower glass-Honestly I love our all glass shower…but cleaning it is a WHOLE different story. Trying to keep it clean & sparkly year round can be a challenge. I found that the Mr. Clean magic eraser works wonders for cutting through soap scum!


Try spraying some rain x on your shower glass! The water will bead right up! I do it twice a year & LOVE the results!

    • Clean shower head-White vinegar works great at cleaning our shower head. Just pour some in a zip lock bag and zip tie it around the shower head and leave it for a few hours! The soap scum will melt away!
    • Get rid of all old makeup and beauty products that are out of date-I am the worst at hoarding all my old makeup that I absolutely never use! Spring cleaning is the perfect time to throw it out & get organized!


    • Clean out your drainsTrust me, this doesn’t have to be as miserable as it sounds! I just pour some drano down the shower/tub and then boil some water and pour it down the drain!

    There you have it, those are just a few of my Spring Cleaning tips & tricks that I like to do this time of year! Hopefully you found some of these helpful!

    I would love to hear if anyone has any other Spring Cleaning tips that they do around the house! Leave a comment below with any tips & tricks you may have that I might not have mentioned!

    Happy Spring Cleaning,

    Paige Perry

    Instagram: paigecoleperry

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    1. Hi there! Its so exciting spring is here, these kind of post make me so happy. I just found your page and think it is so cute and well designed! A big spring cleaning essential is to reorganize my jewelry. I don’t know about anyone else, but my jewelry box can get crazy!

      1. Hi Lindsay! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, so happy you found my page 😊 what a good idea to organize your jewelry box…I’ll defintely have to add that to my list! lol

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