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Love is in the air here at the Perry house!

Is anyone else completely shocked that it’s already FEBRUARY?! Where does the time go? So, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner I figured it would be a perfect time for some valentine inspired DIY projects.

This is the first year that I have EVER decorated for Valentine’s day. Crazy, right? I honestly can’t believe it, because this is very quickly taking the cake on my favorite holiday decor. Who doesn’t love an excuse to have pops of pink all around the house?!  It feels like just yesterday I was taking down all of our Christmas decor and our house just felt so, empty. You get so used to having all those festive decorations up for months that when it’s finally time to take them down, it’s an adjustment. At least it was for me. So, you can understand my excitement when I realized Valentine’s day was quickly approaching and I had another excuse to decorate.

With Valentine’s Day being at the beginning of the year and right after Christmas I also didn’t want to break the bank buying lots of decorations. So what better way to save some money than some fun, easy & cheap diy’s?!

So the first diy I’m going to start with is these super cute burlap candles…


What you need:

  • White Pillar Candles-I got a variety 3 pack from Walmart for less than $5
  • Burlap TwineHobby Lobby has there’s marked down 50% right now so I got mine for $2…but any craft store sells it!
  • Hearts-You can pick these up from any craft store OR if you’re feeling extra crafty you make your own using felt paper or glitter paper!
  • Super glue-for the hearts. I actually didn’t use any glue for the burlap twine, I just used a piece of invisible tape to get it started & then taped the back of the candle where I ended the twine!


How cute are they?! I’m obsessed, and to make all three candles took me less than 10 minutes & cost me less than $10! You can’t beat it!

Next up is this fun little burlap banner…


Now I have to confess, I did have full intentions of hand making my own banner but I found this one at hobby lobby for $3 and just couldn’t resist. And, since I had some left over hearts from the candles I figured they would be the perfect touch. I wanted everything on the mantle to match & tie together so that’s why I stuck with all red and burlap.

Now don’t be afraid to change things up if you want! I went with a very, simple and easy approach but you can get as creative as you want! The possibilities are endless!

Now for the last diy this one is meant to be simple & fun!


Who doesn’t love DOILIES?! They are absolutely adorable and can be used for so many different things! I just love the simplicity of this white and burlap doily banner! This would be perfect to string across your nightstand or for a little girl’s room to string across her dresser!

I just used the burlap twine I had left over & picked up these doilies from Target for $1! It doesn’t get much cheaper or easier than that!

Now, if this it too simple of a look for you, you can always mix & match shapes and colors too! What I even did is I took the burlap banner that we had left over from the mantle and added some doilies and made another string that it is just perfect for our dresser!


That’s it! Decorating for Valentine’s Day can be as easy at that! And to think all these little projects cost me less than $15! Hope ya’ll enjoyed these simple and fun diy projects as much as did!

Happy Decorating!




Lots of LOVE,

Paige Perry

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