I don’t know about you but I just L O V E  a good “before” and “after” picture.  Anytime I am feeling discouraged or like our home isn’t quite exactly how I want it to be just yet, I bust out all my before pictures. There is something so inspiring and reassuring to me to see what we started with and to see all the progress we have made in our home.

So, in today’s post I want to share with you how I transformed our spare bedroom into my very own home office. For the longest time after we moved in, I had no idea what I wanted this room to become. So, inevitably this room became our “catch all” room. Anytime we couldn’t find a place for something it somehow ended up getting put in here.

Please don’t judge…I’m not proud of this picture.

I just couldn’t find any inspiration for this room. We had a master bedroom and a guest bedroom already, what else could we possibly need?!

It wasn’t until the Summer of 2015 when I had decided to go back to school that it hit me. I wanted an office. I needed an office. I wanted to create a space that I was excited about. I wanted this space to be bright, and airy, somewhere that I would actually be excited about spending countless hours studying & doing school work.

So it was decided that this room would become my very own office. Awesome. Now what?! I  had no idea where to start. So like all my other rooms, I started with a color palette. The rest of our house is very, very neutral. So for this room I wanted a little pop of color but nothing too crazy. Our wedding colors were mint & blush…and honestly I fell in love with those two colors. I just threw in some gold accents and voila!

Now that I had decided on the colors, the search for the perfect office furniture began. I looked & looked everywhere with absolutely no luck. So like most days when I’m feeling uninspired I convinced my husband to take a trip to IKEA. He agreed, mostly for the swedish meatballs that Ikea’s are known for…It’s the only way I can convince him to drive two hours there and back. LOL.

Like always Ikea didn’t disappoint. I found a desk that I absolutely fell in love with and the two bookcases were just a bonus. It was exactly what the space needed. I was sold.


Now what would an office be without a little inspirational gallery wall?!


I’m sure it’s becoming quite obvious that I have a slight obsession with gallery walls. I just can’t help myself! Now, an office wouldn’t be a very functional office without some sort of organization and storage now would it? Luckily I was able to snatch these cubes up on the way out of IKEA all in the same day I found the desk and bookcases. Talk about hitting the jackpot.

Girls just wanna have FUND$…am I right?!

Decorative shoe boxes are becoming my newest obsession. They are absolutely perfect for any office…not only are they adorable but they are a great way to add storage to any space! You should see all the stuff I have in these things and you could never tell by looking at them! It’s a win, win.

Honestly this room quickly became my absolute favorite room in our house. Even though I have graduated college and don’t spend nearly as much time in here as I did I still just love this space. At least now I have somewhere pretty to go to pay bills!








Hope you enjoyed, leave a comment if you found this helpful or inspiring!

Till next time,

Paige Perry






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