CHEAP & E A S Y ways to give your bathroom a “spa like” feel…




I often feel like when it comes to decorating a house, the bathroom always seem to be that one room that’s forgotten about or overlooked…well not today! Today I will be talking about how to give your bathroom that “spa like” feel that everyone so desperately desires, and deserves.  Now trust me, I totally understand that sometimes decorating a bathroom can be somewhat of a challenge. People like functionality, and bathrooms are meant to be functional. I get it, but why cant you just blend the two?! So here are some CHEAP & E A S Y ways to give your bathroom that cozy, “spa like” feel, and still keep things functional.

Decorative Jars + Candlesticks-These honestly served as my inspiration for our bathroom. Sure, I’ve seen these two items separately quite often over the years, but never really thought of a purpose to combine them…until now.

Jars-Tj maxx, Ross, & Marshalls/Candlesticks-Dollar Tree…just add super glue & voila!


For me, I wanted to keep things simple, and clean. That’s why I chose all the same candlesticks, well that, and because these were only $1 and I just couldn’t say no to that. However, feel free to mix and match different jars with different candlesticks depending on the look you want.

Okay, so now that I had some new super cute jars for storage, I needed something to put in them…something functional. So that’s when I started thinking …what do I use on a daily basis. What are some things I am always digging and searching for each and every morning or night. So of course, cotton balls & cotton swabs were an absolute MUST. I don’t know about you, but I am always half asleep putting on “my face” in the morning & constantly messing something up. So now, instead of digging around under the sink for what feels like forever looking for a cotton swab, they are now in reach!

Cotton has never looked so PRETTY.

Now, for me it doesn’t get any more spa like then a nice soak in the bath. But honestly, I never make the time to enjoy one. So what better way to remind yourself that relaxation is just a minute away, then to have some epsom salt right by the tub!

Lavendar & Chamomile is my favorite.

Never underestimate the power of lights & flowers. These two things have a way of making a smaller, darker room feel so bright & pretty. Flowers are such a cheap & easy way to brighten up your bathroom and dress up that boring counter top, and don’t be afraid to get ones that “pop“.  Lights are also always a good idea to give your bathroom that warm, cozy & inviting feel. I always keep candles burning when I’m in the bathroom getting ready or taking a bath.

Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to create a pamper friendly bathroom of your very own!







Lots of Love.

Paige Perry






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